Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It just started raining here.  Apparently the monsoons are approaching!  Anyway, at the mere hint if rain, the people in Seoul (Seoulians? Seoulars?) have their umbrellas at the ready, which is kind of weird because 1) Growing up in Tucson I never used an umbrella.  I'm pretty sure kids there learn about them but it's a fantastical thing- like snow.  And 2) in Seattle, everyone seems to walk in the rain.  You wear a hoodie or raincoat or something equally useful.   
So now I am going to have to learn umbrella etiquette- who holds their umbrella up higher when you walk past someone on the sidewalk? How do you not get stabbed in the eyeball by an umbrella point?  Where do you put your umbrella after you walk inside and it's soaking wet?  Am I allowed to turn around and smack someone if their umbrella juice drips on me?  

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