Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chuseok Dinner

Today is Chuseok- the Korean Thanksgiving.  It's the most important holiday here and it celebrates the abundant harvests by their ancestors.  
I went with my friend Ellie to her Aunt's house and our coworker Vida came along, too.  I took pictures of them getting some of the yummy food ready. 

Here they are cooking. 

Cutting the noodles for my favorite dish- Japchae. 

Making Songpyeon, which is a rice dough with a sesame seed and sugar filling that is steamed.  You flatten out the dough and then mold it into a half moon shape. 
This is what they look like after they're steamed and ready to eat.  So yummy!!
Our dinner.  So yummy, too!!

Afterward, we went on a walk and a dragonfly landed on me but he had a bug that he was eating.  It was very cool and interesting.  It's Chuseok for everyone!!
A good vacation!