Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Road Tripping Part 1

I feel sad that I am leaving Seattle for a while because I have really come to love the city.  It's got so many great things to do and I love that I am not constantly sweating!!  Also, I feel sad that I had to leave my family, friends, and Mr. Snuffkin (hedgehog).  But nevertheless, I was excited to embark on the first leg of a new adventure with my bestie, Jennifer.  I got to pick her up in Portland and I also was able to visit my amazing former tennis partner Sarah!
Jennifer and I left Portland and immediately ran into a small town having a UFO Festival, as one often does.  Therefore, stopping was a requirement.  People were dressed up and dancing to music about aliens.  Ah, Oregon.  The drive down the coast was so gorgeous and the scenery was unbelievable.  We ended up staying in a small town called Florence for the night at a seedy hotel.  Apparently we were there for "Rodey weekend."
"Rodey Weekend"
"It's our rhododendron festival weekend."
Obviously.  How did we not know that?!  Coming from Tucson, I thought I heard him say "Rodeo Weekend," which I thought was really odd for a small waterfront town in Oregon.  For "Rhodey Weekend" they had a small carnival area set up in town with games and rides that make you vomit.  We had dinner at a small restaurant and I ordered an amazing seafood soup that burned my tongue for three days.  It was so good, though!!  In the morning, we were treated to large, oversized men riding tiny bicycles because apparently the clowns were staying in the same motel as us.  Ah, Oregon.
The next day, we drove south some more and visited some more beach.  We visited a small museum with a mess of taxidermy animals (freaky if you ask me) then stopped at the Trees of Mystery and talked to a massive Paul Bunyan.  He is quite friendly!  I also got pulled over by a cop because the speed limit changes every five miles.  Apparently I was going 41 in a 30 zone in town.  Luckily the cop was very nice an just gave me a warning.  Ah, Oregon (did I mention that already?).  We ended up staying the night in Willits, CA at a fancy Super 8 (ha!)
Day 3 was a bit of visiting San Fran.  We tried to find the Golden Gate Park, but apparently Siri doesn't really know where it is.  She took us to a tiny road with CAT machines.  Not exactly scenic central.  But we got to visit my favorite SF store, Karakter, which has Tintin stuff.  It is right next to Hotel Triton which is where my mom and I used to stay.  It has an amazing lobby and chair that looks like Salvador Dali designed.  We ate lunch at in Chinatown because....why not?!  Afterward, we hit up Pier 39 to buy sourdough and taffy.
Jenn and I were going to spend the night a bit south of Monterrey along CA 1, but apparently there is nothing there!!  The maps show "towns" but they end up being one or two shops and possibly one lodging area that was way out of our prince range.  It was the most gorgeous drive along the Pacific (and a bit curvy) and luckily we got to see most of it during daylight.  Since there were no places to stay we ended up driving through to Lompoc to stay with Jenn's parents arriving around midnight.  What a long day!

Last Hurrah

My penultimate night in Seattle, I got to crash the Seattle International Film Festival where they were hosting the premiere of Joss Whedon's new movie Much Ado About Nothing, which he filmed over 12 days at his house as a post-Avengers "vacation."  I got to see my ruggedly handsome Nathan Fillion (one of my favorite actors on two of my favorite TV shows), Clark Gregg [he said, "Hi!" to me] (aka Agent Phil Coulson from Avengers), Amy Ackers (on Joss' amazing show Dollhouse) and of course Joss the Boss.  Plenty of Whedonites around and I was in suck awe I could barely move.  Here are a couple of pictures, but for more, I have them posted on my fb page.  Try not to be too jealous.


Welcome to my new blog for my year of living in Korea.  I am very excited and I think that this is the best way to share my experience with everyone!!  I hope that you enjoy and it please leave comments if you can. I will try an update it as often as possible with pictures, experiences and random thoughts on my new job, the culture and anything else I might think of.  Take care!