Monday, June 3, 2013

Road Tripping Part 2

I had a great time in Lompoc!!  We spent the day wine tasting and Jennifer's dad made some amazing Chinese dinner!!
Thanks for letting us stay!

The following day we meandered to LA and I visited my good friend from college, Sarah, and had a sushi (yum!!) lunch with her in Burbank.  It was great to see her and she said she might go to shanghai this year for work.  I hope she does so we can visit each other!!!
Afterward, we headed to Hemet to stay with Jenn's grandparents in their retirement home place. We got our own little room the looked like a hotel and it came with a fruit basket.  Fancy!!  We watched Star Trek 2 and Benedict Cumberbatch is freaking awesome.  
We were sad once we left and started driving in the desert.  No more ocean!!!!

We ran out of playlist music so we started listening the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  Jim Dale is amazing. 
After I found Maria Sharapova's candy (Sugarpova) in Scottsdale, I reluctantly dropped Jenn off.  
But I got to spend time with the Hunt Clan!!  Hollah!!  I got to see everyone except Papa Jack because he was in Globe with their dog Boris. All the kids are getting so big! I can't believe it!!!

After driving almost 2K miles, I made it to Patagonia!!!   It was nice staying with my parents and it's pretty down there. Visit if you get a chance.  My cat will welcome you with open arms. Just kidding. You'll get a nice hiss from her. 

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