Saturday, June 29, 2013

Field Trip!

On the fourteenth, I went on a field trip with the Kindy kids to a place where they make clay things.  I have no idea where it was, though.  I was riding in the back of a bus with a bunch of little kids and trying not to get car sick because Korean drivers are crazy.  The Kindy kids made clay mugs and they were all very excited about it.  Everyone is so cute and the guy who was telling them how to do it was very animated and excited about everything.
This is a picture of my hummingbirds.  Starting on the front left and going back, my kids are Kyle, Gina, Joonyoung, Daisy, Eric, Sally, Kelly, Katie and Sarah.  Aren't they the cutest?!

They also got to use a pottery wheel, too!  

After, they went into this fancy looking building

And inside was a playground place for kids!!  I was totally not expecting that, but the kids loved it.  

They had a lot of fun, as so did I!!

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