Monday, June 10, 2013

Trash and emart

The trash here is weird.  I know it's something kind of funny to write about, but whatever.
Apparently there are a lot of laws pertaining to trash.  It is required to recycle things, and it's illegal not to.  I think you can get a ticket for putting a plastic water bottle in the trash.  Anyway, they recycle almost everything and you have to separate the recyclables when you toss them.  It is also required that you save food stuff (like compost things) and toss them in a separate bin as well.  In addition, there are only certain bags that you can use for said "trash."  So no going to Costco and buying a box with a bajillion trash bags.  And each area of Seoul has a different requirement or color or something for these bags.
Where do you get these bags?  Why you get them at emart!!
emart is like the Korean Target.  They have everything there- commercialism at it's Korean best.  But unlike in America, they have an emart employee on what seems like every aisle.  And apparently they are really helpful, although I can't understand them.  Sometimes they try and talk to me and I look and them with a dumb expression and smile then go on my merry way feeling a bit moronic.  Some things are super cheap here (food!!) while others are very expensive (import taxes are high).  Food is dirt cheap it's incredible.  My friend and I just had a massive dinner that cost us $6 each, whereas the exact same thing would have cost at least $20 in the States.  I have the feeling that if you go out to eat with one more person, you would have to go to a higher echelon type restaurant to pay more than $10/person.
Cab rides are also unbelievably cheap!!  It's actually cheaper to take a cab to work than the subway if you have three people.  The ride home from work today was $4.50, which was a bit higher than normal.  That's normally a $40 cab ride in Seattle.  Plus, you don't tip!  Crazy, yes?
Yay for saving $$$$!!!!

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