Thursday, June 20, 2013


The name of my school is Poly Returnee Education Institute but it everyone just calls it Poly.  And here, they add "Teacher" after your first name so I am Suzannah Teacher instead of Ms. Herron.  Most of the kids are super nice and cute, especially the Kindy kids.  During the morning, I teach all of the seven year old kids (which is really six years old in the States). All of the Kindy classes are named after birds.   My homeroom class is the Hummingbirds.  The other ones are Magpies, Blue Jays, Robins and Canaries.  They're all so adorable.  I am the reading teacher so I read the same story with them about three times every week but I do that for all of the classes (except Canaries because they are a lower level Kindy class).  The classes start at 9:50 and are 40 min long and the Kindy and Pre Kindy kids leave around three.  The pre k classes are named something light Moonlight, Starlight and Sun 
The elementary kids come in after and are there in waves until I leave at 7:25.  It's definitely a long work day with lots if class prepping.  Today my feet are swollen.  Super gross.  Anyway, I have to have a lot of discipline with the kids, especially the first and second graders.  Today I made a kid stand outside of the classroom during break and not talk because he wouldn't pay attention to me and shut up.  It made him cry and probably be late for his bus, but hopefully he will behave better next time because he is a very rowdy child.  He probably didn't think I would actually make him do that.  
One of the teachers lets the kids do whatever they want and then she wonders why they don't listen to or respect her.  There are a couple of pretty bad teachers that I work with but they will be leaving soon (thankfully).   It's unbelievable how unprofessional some of these people are!  
Anyway, my kids are cute but it is very hard to remember names right now.  Just in the morning I have thirty six different Kids and then the afternoon way more than that.  Plus they have different schedules so some of the classes I only see once or twice a week, which will make it even more difficult!  My mom suggested that I write notes about what they look like but it's harder here because almost all of them would say "cute little Korean kid with straight, dark hair."  Luckily I am getting very good at the Kindy kids' names, but it's kind of embarrassing when a kid says, "hi, Suzannah Teacher!!!" and you don't remember their name.  Actually, most of the kids just like to say your name when you pass by.  If I don't remember their name I just say, "what's up?!" or I just wave to them.

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