Saturday, August 3, 2013

July Field Trip to the Seoul Citizen Safety Training Center

We had a really great field trip.  The kids are so much fun to do things with!!  We went to this fancy safety training center where the kids learned all about how to be safe in different situations.  All of the kids seemed to really like it, even though a few of them were scared.

 This is Joonyoung, Sarah and Daisy.  
Sally and Eric!


Eric likes to do weird things to his hair and sometimes dress up as a girl.

The emergency number in Korea is 119

The first simulation we went into was extreme wind like in a hurricane.  The kids grab onto something and put their head down.  

We went through a little area that was dark and smokey.  The guide in the video is explaining what to do in smoke.  Daisy lost her shoes going through it.

Next they learned about how to use a fire extinguisher.

The guy giving us the tour really liked Peter (He is in the Blue Jays class).

The kids sprayed water at a screen that showed fires in different places in a room.

Then they watched a movie about safety things like wearing shoes in the bathroom so you don't slip.

 Then the last part was an earthquake simulation room.  The little kitchen area shook and the kids got under the table.

These are my kids.  Daisy, Joonyoung, Sally, Sarah, Katie, Kelly and Eric.  Gina and Kyle were absent :(

That place was so high tech!  I honestly thought it would be a little boring because all I knew beforehand is that we were going to learn about safety, but it ended up being fun!

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  1. Did you ever have a field trip like this when you were in school? I know I never did and I would be utterly useless in a disaster. Probably running around, panicking, shouting, "I'm supposed to hide by the heavy bookcase, right?!?!"